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my first final (of the semester)

May 2nd 2011 in Uncategorized

Alright so I took my first of four finals today. It was for Communication 210 which is a speech class. I’m really hoping I do well because I have a high C in the class and the final could boost me up to a B. Unfortunately I won’t know how I did until wednesday but […]

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April 28th 2011

Finally, finals are here. Some of my finals that are taken on computers opened up this week. I’m waiting til next Monday to start them so I can get as much studying in as possible. Hopefully it’ll pay off. I set all my finals in the after noon so I can get a good night’s […]

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April 22nd 2011

Most people are probably excited for school to be over. I”m excited to take my finals. I honestly want to see how well I can do on them and how much I can bring my grades up. Of course, I”ll be happy to be done with classes too. Though I do hope to take an […]

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Preparing for the end

April 18th 2011

Today I officially began preparing for the end of the school year. An email came about move-out day for the dorms. Also, I started scheduling my finals on inqsit. This is an online test taking tool that for larger tests you have to arrange an appointment at a lab on campus. I have three of […]

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nearing the end

April 14th 2011

Its getting close to the end of my Freshman year now. It really doesn’t seem that way though. Finals are in about two weeks but they seem miles away still. Finals will be a challenge for me because I have never been a great test taker and especially once I got into college this kind […]

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Busy Busy Busy

March 29th 2011

Things have been really moving lately. Its just one thing after another. Assignments and schoolwork has picked up as well as my involvement at work and with my band. This past weekend was especially long. I gave a group speech on Thursday morning about deforestation. Then I drove up to Chicago to see a show […]

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I’m Back

February 24th 2011

I’d first like to apologize for the gap between my posts. Things have been hectic and all and I kind of put this on hold as a part of my priorities. My new major, Criminal Justice and Criminology (or CJC) is where I need to be though. I think I’ve found my field, but I’m […]

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The Switcheroo

December 7th 2010

Well I finally did what I’d be talking about. I thought often about if I should change my major and I did a lot of research on it. Finally, I scheduled a short appointment with my advisor who was extremely helpful. I learned what classes I need and when to take them and switched my […]

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Giving Thanks

December 1st 2010

I did a lot of driving over the thanksgiving break. The weekend of the 20th my band traveled to Ohio for a show. Then the break began and I drove to Anderson to a friends house, Kokomo for thanksgiving dinner, Mt Comfort to pick up my girlfriend, and then downtown Indianapolis for the lighting of […]

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