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Giving Thanks

December 1st 2010 in Uncategorized

I did a lot of driving over the thanksgiving break. The weekend of the 20th my band traveled to Ohio for a show. Then the break began and I drove to Anderson to a friends house, Kokomo for thanksgiving dinner, Mt Comfort to pick up my girlfriend, and then downtown Indianapolis for the lighting of the christmas tree/soldiers and sailors monument. This is somewhat of a tradition. My family has eaten at a semi-fancy restaurant near the circle and watched the lights go up. My grandparents have gone for 41 years now. Its a good time with a lot of good food. We ate at the Capital Grille in the Conrad Hotel this year. Here isĀ  a picture of the monument all lit up.

The reason this year was a bit different was actually largely because I’m in college. My family left for Kokomo before I was able to so I drove myself, and the same for all the other places I was driving. However, I don’t mind so much because my favorite thing about college is feeling independent and that feeling continued through the break.

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“Giving Thanks”


I always loved thanksgiving day. It makes me happy with my family. So bad for you while driving. :P

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