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April 22nd 2011 in Uncategorized

Most people are probably excited for school to be over. I”m excited to take my finals. I honestly want to see how well I can do on them and how much I can bring my grades up. Of course, I”ll be happy to be done with classes too. Though I do hope to take an online class this summer to get one out of the way. McDonalds has free wireless so if I’m on the road, make a quick stop at McD’s and have class. That’d be interesting.
Right now what I’m excited for the most is to be done working at Jimmy John’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love the people and the work environment, but I just can’t take the hours. Last night I worked from midnight to 4am. Today I have to work from 11:30am-2pm and then again from 10pm-4am. I just don’t sleep anymore. I was supposed to work on Saturday night too but I got that shift covered cause my band is playing in Indianapolis.

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Removals and Storage

I can imagine how euphoric this final exams might be for you, I remeber clearly the exctatic mood that captured me at the end of the semesters, and honestly, I miss that thrill.

Today I officially began preparing for the end of the school year. An email came about move-out day for the dorms. Also, I started scheduling my finals on inqsit. This is an online test taking tool that for larger tests you have to arrange an appointment at a lab on campus. I have three of [...]

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Finally, finals are here. Some of my finals that are taken on computers opened up this week. I’m waiting til next Monday to start them so I can get as much studying in as possible. Hopefully it’ll pay off. I set all my finals in the after noon so I can get a good night’s [...]

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