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April 28th 2011 in Uncategorized

Finally, finals are here. Some of my finals that are taken on computers opened up this week. I’m waiting til next Monday to start them so I can get as much studying in as possible. Hopefully it’ll pay off. I set all my finals in the after noon so I can get a good night’s rest and get some studying in before I take the final. Not cramming, just last minute studying. I am very thankful that most of my professors had a review or at least a study guide on blackboard (online). My grades could really use a good kick form finals.

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Good luck Abe! Really enjoy this blog!

Most people are probably excited for school to be over. I”m excited to take my finals. I honestly want to see how well I can do on them and how much I can bring my grades up. Of course, I”ll be happy to be done with classes too. Though I do hope to take an [...]

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Alright so I took my first of four finals today. It was for Communication 210 which is a speech class. I’m really hoping I do well because I have a high C in the class and the final could boost me up to a B. Unfortunately I won’t know how I did until wednesday but [...]

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